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Do you have a product that you need to mark up? In that case a sticker would be a suitable option for you either for providing information on your product or displaying your trademark. OakMan has extensive experience and outstanding knowledge when it comes to producing stickers and labels.

There are all kinds of sticker options to choose from.  We offer everything from simple stickers to more advanced ones with outstanding adhesion and durability. Choosing the right materials is crucial when it comes to ensuring the durability and adhesion of the product and also for achieving a cost effective solution.

There are stickers and labels available from simple products to items covered by guarantees spanning several years. Our production facilities provide a large range of options which allow your expectations in terms of durability, adhesion, format and volumes. We have the production equipment required to produce anything from short runs to large volumes.

Our stickers are delivered in sheets or in rolls if ordered without installation. And yes, we do also provide the option of individual labelling with barcodes or number series.

Professional and reliable equipment as well as high quality films with extensive warranties from 3M and Avery are used in our production process. Installations are led by a manufacturer trained specialist.


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