For apartment associations

Marking the doors and floors of apartments is necessary for the efficient performance of ambulance, police, and rescue work, where the speed of action is important to save people's lives, health, and property.

2021. On March 1, the amendment to Regulation No. 17 of the Minister of the Interior "Fire safety requirements for buildings" entered into force. Apartment buildings must be marked with appropriate numbers:

EXTERIOR DOORS OF STAIRCASE - with the number ranges of the apartments belonging to the given stairwell.

INTERMEDIATE CORRIDOR DOORS - with apartment numbers behind the corridor door.

FLOORS - easily visible, quickly found, and understandable floor numbers.

DOORS OF ALL APARTMENTS - often, apartment associations have made it the responsibility of the apartment owner to mark the apartments with numbers. However, in practice, apartment owners have not been very active in fulfilling this, and unnumbered apartments still cause a lot of confusion for ambulance, police, and rescue workers.

We offer you a solution from numbering planning to installation.

Invite our consultant to the apartment building on site and choose the most suitable solution for the interior of the staircase among the materials and colors. The floor and apartment numbers with the same design and color make the stairs a complete and beautiful impression.

It is also possible to call the consultant in the evening (until 19:00).

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